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We don't collect information on ANYONE ...

Howdy 1NetMarket.com Visitor ...

1NetMarket.com does NOT track, collection and/or record information about ANYONE. We respect your privacy, totally. Do we do track hits, IP addresses, monitor the server in the course of normal Internet activities, sure. But, we don't record, review or do anything with that tiny amount of information that might be you ... UNLESS you are being bad.

The ONLY time we may track or collect information about our visitors is when we find someone doing something illegal or destructive. As long as everyone is having fun and getting along, we don't do nothin' to monitor, track or use cookies to obtain information about anyone.

Just so you know ... we do NOT speak for the 18,000 plus merchants and vendors who link to us. If you are interested in THEIR privacy policies, you will need to review their privacy policy at their domain.

We are just so pleased you came to visit. Your privacy is your business, and none of ours. Hope you come back soon!

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